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i heard the door slam, &i couldn't tell was it just the wind or was she mad again

so the last time i posted an entry i told you girls about how travis was being an asshole, and about how i was gonna go downstairs and try to make him feel bad. oh, and i also said he was probably playing video games. well, he was playing video games, but i did make him feel bad. :) he said he was sorry and admitted that he was wrong. :) other than that, i don't remember the rest of what went on friday.

yesterday i slept in until about 10:00, it felt pretty good. :) when i got out of bed i took a shower and got ready to go to trav's. i got there around 12:00 and he didn't even wake up until 1:00. when he got out of bed, we went downstairs and john asked if we'd go grocery shopping for him. so, i made a list and we were out of the house by 2:00. for some reason, we went to belfast instead of camden or rockland, but whatever.  just let me tell you, i hate grocery shopping with travis. it takes him so long to find things, to choose things, and errr.  when we get a place together, I'M doing all the shopping, and he is not coming with me. :)

when we finally got home, we put all the groceries away and then started super. we had meatball subs, which by the way were amazing. we're good cooks, seriously. ;p when everyone was done eating, dan and travis just sat down at the table and played video games. i started to get really pissy 'cause i was bored and i'm getting SO tired of travis doing that everyday all day. so he got all mad at me 'cause he could tell i was annoyed and asked what i wanted to do. i told him i wanted to go to autozone so i could get a new gas cap that HE lost. so me, trav, dan and ashley all went to rockland. travis bought me the gas cap, and he also got a part for nicole's truck. after autozone we all went to wal-mart and just fucked around in there for a while. ashley got food and i bought some new eyeshadow. we left there around 9:15, and then drove around rockport. dan took us up a road were... someone lives and ashley and i got some evil ideas about throwing glass bottles at their house. we decided against it, though. haha ;p

we got back to trav's around 10:00 and guess what we did? played video games. i hope that fucking ps2 breaks, i really do. i'm so sick of that being the only thing travis ever wants to do. i played so travis wouldn't, haha. he doesn't pay any attention to me at all if he's playing, but he likes to watch me play, so yeah. :) i left there around 10:30, stayed up until about 1:00, and here i am now. the race is on at some point today, so i'm pretty excited for that. :D
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